lara colour


Scrapbook & Things originated at my dining room table in 1999 … a few family and friends
encountered this amazing creative journey with me way back then … never knowing that it would
one day be our family livelihood!
From the dining room, to my garage, to a shop, a house and a few more spots … by the grace of God, we
have managed to keep our little doors open! The main reason for that is the loyal people we’ve met
along the way!
Being the 5th shop to open in South Africa … and now being the last of the big 5 to still be open … we
know that the reason for our success is greater than our own understanding! May we be blessed
with many more years of scrapbooking and trading ahead!
To all of our clients that have journeyed with us … thank you! To those we are yet to meet … we can’t
wait to cross paths!
Keep scrapping …